"Easy-going and gregarious with a touch of self-deprecation that adds to her confidence rather than detracts from it... great company"

"I can see why this might be funny if you are one of those directly participating in the erasure of lesbians... I don't know if he's (sic) even got any fans...Strangely Endearing, actually..." -
MARIA MACLACHLAN, a prominent & confused Gender Critical Activist (PeakTrans.org)



Jen Ives has been doing stand up comedy around London & the South Coast for 3.5 years, and in that short time has reached the finals in the Funny Women Awards 2019, been nominated for the Leicester Mercury Awards 2019, placed second in the Laughing Horse New Comedian Awards 2018 & placed in the finals for the 2NorthDown New Comedian Competition 2019. 

Jen was also recently featured in an article for The New York Times - about trans comedians in Britain.

Jen is known for her often sideways look at what it means to be a trans woman today, as well as mischievous takes on her family, gay rights, self image & whatever else is on her mind.

She has recently written for BBC Radio 4 Extra, Dave, Pulped, as well as writing & performing in the multi-award nominated SeanceCast for HatTrick Productions. She has also written and starred in a sketch for Channel 4.

Jen is currently performing work in progress run-throughs of her debut hour "PEAK TRANS" which focuses on the growing "gender critical" movement in the UK. She is doing this in lederhosen.

She also does a podcast under the same name that was featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra recently. She is also the co-host of the TRANS LOBBY podcast.