"Easy-going and gregarious with a touch of self-deprecation that adds to her confidence rather than detracts from it... great company"



Jen Ives has been doing stand up comedy for just over 3 years, and in that time has reached the finals of the Funny Women Awards 2019, been nominated for the Leicester Mercury Awards 2019, placed second in the Laughing Horse New Comedian Awards 2018 & placed in the finals for the 2NorthDown New Comedian Competition 2019. She is also currently writing on a project for Hat Trick Productions.


Originally from South East London, Jen is known for her often sideways look at what it means to be a trans woman in 2020, as well as mischievous takes on her family, LGBT rights, self image & whatever else might be on her mind that day.


She has performed at clubs such as The Bill Murray, The Komedia, Objectively Funny, XS Malarky, Poodle Club (and many more), and is currently hosting her own night “CLUB CASUAL” at Hoxton Cabin, Hackney.


Jen performed a well received WIP show at the Brighton Fringe in 2019 and is currently working on her debut hour for Edinburgh 2021.